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February 16, 2021
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30 Jun

10 Do's and Don’ts Of Kids Nutrition

Feeding children can be cumbersome and exhausting - especially since their tastes and preferences  change from week to week! Every parent is on the lookout for healthy and nutritious food for kids - but with picky eaters, it can be difficult to make a balanced plate that they will actually eat. Here are some basic rules of kids nutrition you should follow. 

What Are The Dos And Don'ts In Eating Habits?

There’s a lot that’s been written about what a child should not eat and what they need to include on their plate every day. Daily nutrition for kids is what helps build a strong immune system. Here’s what to do - and what not to - in order to keep your kids healthy.

  1. Don’t skip meals. 

Do prioritise mealtime and eat together. 

  1. Don’t keep them out of the kitchen. 

Do involve them in the kitchen and get them to cut, chop, peel and wash. 

  1. Don’t allow easy access to junk food. 

Do limit the intake of sugar and carbs. 

  1. Don’t fill your pantry with packaged foods and snacks.

Do stock up on healthy snacks like fruits, makhana, poha, murmura.

  1. Don’t force them to eat. 

Do focus on a variety of foods and take it slow. 

nutrition for kids

  1. Don’t force-feed kids excessive quantities.

Do teach satiety and self-regulation when it comes to food. 

  1. Don’t use food as an incentive or punishment. 

Do help them build an attitude of gratitude towards food. 

  1. Don’t eat while watching videos on your mobile or TV. 

Do keep gadgets off the dining table. 

  1. Don’t ask them to do things you don’t do. 

Do lead by example and follow the rules you have laid down, like not watching TV at the table and eating all veggies.

  1. Don’t limit your activities to indoor games. 

Do bond over exercise, outdoor sports and physical activity.

nutrition for kids

What Are The 3 Foods To Never Eat?

With so many packaged, processed, overly-salted and sugary foods out there, it becomes difficult to know which ones are the worst for your child and should be avoided at all costs. But here are three things you should never feed your child.

  • Processed meat: Meat products like sausages, salami, bacon etc should be off their plate. They contain unhealthy fats, preservatives and nitrates (which add a pink colour to the meat). These “proteins” increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity later in life.
  • Frozen food: Frozen nuggets and potato smileys are marketed for their convenience, but are terrible, nutrition-wise. Flash-fried frozen foods contain large amounts of sodium, saturated fat and preservatives. Each piece is fried before it is frozen to help make the breadcrumbs stick, making nuggets a fatty food with high in calories.
  • Breakfast cereal: Again, an abomination from the West that needs no place in our kitchen. While some cereals are prepared using whole grains and millets, whatever little nutrition they offer is offset by the sugar and added flavours.
Kids Nutrition

What Are The 3 Best Foods To Eat?

Fibre, vitamins and minerals are the cornerstones of child nutrition. With that in mind, here are 3 food groups your child must include. 

  • Proteins: Proteins are important for growing children for their proper development, as they are the building blocks of our cells. Pulses and beans are high in protein, along with paneer, tofu, meat, fish and poultry.
  • Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates provide energy. Kids nutrition must include grain-based foods like roti, bread, rice; as well as other starchy foods like potatoes, preferably with the skin on.
  • Fruits & vegetables: Veggies provide fibre, vitamins and minerals. Fruits, too, are an essential part of kids nutrition, full of vitamins, fibre and natural sugars.
Kids Nutrition

What Can A Child Do In Order To Be Healthy?

A child needs the following things to stay healthy and fit:

  • A balanced diet with adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fibre, healthy fats and dairy
  • Exercise and time spent outdoors
  • Meals eaten at regular, fixed times
  • 8+ hours of sleep each night
healthy and nutritious food for kids

If you are looking for more information or a consultation on kids nutrition, child health and nutrition or nutrition for kids, you can contact us - we run specialised teenage and kids nutrition programs with diets that are tailored to your requirements. Write to us at 

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What are children's recommended daily requirements for nutrition?

Children’s nutritional requirements change from age to age. But on a daily basis, kids nutrition should include adequate servings of carbohydrates, proteins, fruits + vegetables, dairy and healthy fats like ghee and nuts. 

How do I get my child to eat healthier?

You can get your child to eat healthier by stocking up on only healthy foods in your house and getting rid of all packaged and processed foods. Introduce a variety of foods in a slow manner to acquaint them with different flavours and textures. 

What is a poor diet in a child?

Any diet that is heavy in processed foods and doesn’t have balanced amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fibre is considered poor. 

What foods are good for child growth?

Proteins and fats are important for child growth

What nutrients does a 10-year-old need?

A 10-year-old needs carbohydrates like rice, roti, pasta and bread; proteins like beans, pulses, fish, meat, poultry and eggs; dairy products like milk and yogurt; fats like ghee and butter’ and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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