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October 20, 2020
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26 Jul

5 Boosters for Improving Digestion at Work

Improve Digestion

Everybody we know at work  complains of gastric distress.

We are all either bloated or are suffering from gas and acidity.

Let’s take a look at some of the digestive boosters that you can easily incorporate at work and life.


The nutrients present in curd are easily absorbed by your digestive system.

Not only that, it also helps in absorbing nutrients from other food items that you have eaten.

It can also be used along with spicy food, as curd cools down and neutralises the heat that these foods create.

It also is an effective remedy against gastritis and intestinal infections.

Some people, who cannot consume milk because they are lactose intolerant, can safely consume curd.

It converts the lactose present in milk to lactic acid, making it easier to digest.

Also, you do not lose out on the nutritional boost that milk provides.

You can have dahi as you like it.

Have it plain with lunch  or have it with gur 2 hours after meals, have it as chaach, lightly spiced with dhaniya, pudina, and zeera powder with rocksalt and back pepper.

Dahi when made into  raita with veggies like potatoes, or cucumbers, or grated bottle gourd, or pineapple or tomatoes and onions, corns, is a delight.

It refreshes you and adds that sense of satiety to your meals.

Sabja seeds

Basil seeds can naturally detoxify the body and ease bowel movements.

These basil seeds work as a natural laxative.

Drinking basil seeds with warm water or milk can relief digestion issues, constipation and bloating.

They make for a perfect culinary delight.

The versatility in  taste makes it a perfect ingredient to amp up the health quotient of any delicacy.

Add them in smoothies, shikanjis, sharbats, in fruit salads and vegetable salads.


With the amount of water and fiber content in the fruit, it would be surprising if it didn’t aid digestion.

Other than that, papaya also contains numerous enzymes which help break down the foods and protects the tissues that line the digestive tract.

Eating papaya an hour before or after a meal can aid in healthy digestion and help your body run smoothly.

With a healthy digestive tract and immune system, papayas help in all-round weight loss.

The natural fibers detoxify the body and cleanse it, thus, keeping the body healthy and fit.

Other than that, the seeds found within the fruit prevent your body from absorbing fats, therefore, a handful of papaya seeds can aid in weight loss too.


If you are burping a lot at work or are feeling bloated and acidic, don't grab the Pepsi. Have the humble yet super calming shikanji to feel better.

Being rich in vitamin C, lemon water can be very helpful when it comes to improving your digestion.

It helps the liver produce more bile that can help break the complex foods better.

Plus, it can tame symptoms of bloating, heartburn, diarrhoea and belching.

When you suffer from indigestion, simply mix some lemon juice with warm water and sip on it.

Fennel (saunf) Water

Chewing fennel seeds is thought to help aid digestion and prevent gas.

They are antimicrobial, antiinflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial. So when you have gastric trouble, try chewing on saunf or have boiled saunf water to feel better. Fennel seeds pack a lot of fiber in their tiny forms.

A tablespoon (6 grams) of dried fennel seeds gives you about 2 grams of fiber.

In cases of the stomach flu, fiber helps to bulk up and treat watery diarrhea which helps to slow down and prevent loose or runny bowel movements.

Adding fennel to your diet may help relieve constipation, other digestive problems that can cause gas, and generally help keep things moving properly in the digestive tract.

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of saunf help get rid of bacteria that can cause gas-iness in cases of food poisoning or an upset stomach.

Fennel seeds also reduce inflammation.

This may help soothe swelling or irritation in the intestines and improve digestion.

Saunf also relaxes muscles in the intestines, which can help relieve constipation.

Soothing muscles in the stomach and intestines helps to relieve gassiness that’s from constipation or acid reflux.


Make sure you don't sit down immediately after a heavy meal.

Walk around a bit for at least 15 mins before sitting down.

Do not slouch on your seat or lie down after the meals.

This will delay the digestion process and will make you gassy and hyperacidic.



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