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Jan 6, 2021

5 fertility foods MEN MUST HAVE

It takes two to create a healthy baby. So if woman should eat healthy food, so should men. When it comes to conceiving naturally, a healthy sperm plays a crucial role. Besides a good count, the sperm needs to be healthy too. After all, a healthy sperm makes for a healthy baby.Infertility is a growing problem across the globe and it affects men too.

Thanks to longs hours at work, exposure to chemicals, dependence on caffeine, stress and sedentary lifestyle, an increasing number of men are struggling to become a parent. Once you decide that you are ready to be a ‘daddy’, the simplest and easiest change that you can bring to your lifestyle is eating healthy. It doesn’t take much of an effort and can be beneficial in many other ways.  

To realize your dream of fatherhood naturally, you can focus on certain fertility foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  These foods have zero side effects and can work wonder for your energy level, mood and sperm quality.


It helps increase testosterone levels and significantly boosts sperm quality and fertility in men. Several studies have shown an increase in the sperm concentration with the consumption of Ashwagandha root. The medicinal herb with anti-inflammatory properties is also known to help lower cortisol level, a hormone produced by the body in response to stress.


Super high in Vitamin C, it protects the cells of testicles and fights free radicals in the body that adversely affect fertility. The high amount of Vitamin C also protects the sperm from damage and increases its motility and volume – so you will have more, faster moving swimmers.


If you are suffering from low sperm count or low testosterone, ginger is the word. A versatile herb or spice, it can be used in food as well as drinks. Ginger boosts testosterone, which may boost fertility.

Onion juice

A good source of nutrients and antioxidants, onion juice may increase low levels of testosterone. Onion juice as a treatment factor could improve the sperm quality and fertility power.


One of the oldest fruits in the world, Pomegranate is a powerhouse of antioxidants. Often seen as a symbol of good health and fertility, it helps improve sperm quality and mobility, sex drive and even, erectile dysfunction.



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