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5 PCOS Supplements Women Should Have

PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a severe hormonal imbalance that affects 1 in 10 women of childbearing age across the world.

This disorder is one of the main causes of infertility in women, comprising 70% of infertility issues - which is why taking PCOS supplements is important. 

PCOS symptoms can creep in little by little - or with full force. Signs and symptoms range from irregular periods and weight gain to follicular cysts on the ovaries and hair loss on the scalp, as well as hirsutism, which is male-like hair growth on the face. 

pcos supplements

This is due to the fact that PCOS is a complex hormonal condition where the ovaries produce an abnormal amount of the male hormones (called androgens) especially testosterone, which ideally, should be only present in small amounts.

However, the right diet and PCOS supplements can help alleviate some of the symptoms and pains of PCOS. Here, we look at the best supplements for PCOS, PCOS weight loss supplements and other common search queries, such as “supplements to lower testosterone PCOS” and more. 

1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are a PCOS superfood. Omega-3s help improve fertility, regulate hormones, improve insulin sensitivity, reduce hirsutism, and lower inflammation. It is advisable to take 500 mg, which should come from EPA and DHA each.

Natural sources include flax seeds, walnuts, chia seeds, fatty fish and walnuts. 

Flax Seeds

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2. B-Vitamins

B Vitamins can help your liver get rid of excess estrogen, which is usually high in women with PCOS. B Vitamins also aid the liver - one of the many functions of the liver is to process substances such as hormones and toxins and metabolise them. 

B Complex pills

B Vitamins are also needed for metabolising carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Natural sources include beans, pulses, dark leafy greens and eggs. You can consult your doctor for the best OTC B-Vitamin PCOS supplements for yourself. 

3. Zinc

Zinc isn’t just important for immunity - it’s a mineral that also helps regulate the menstrual cycle and fertility. It helps correct and align PCOS symptoms like irregular ovulation, weight gain and acne.

It also helps lower the effects of high testosterone level, including hirsutism and scalp hair loss. 

If you have low zinc levels, you can take supplements of zinc acetate, zinc gluconate, zinc sulfate, zinc citrate, or zinc monomethionine. Do not use zinc oxide or zinc picolinate as these are not absorbed well by the body. 

Natural sources of zinc include rajgira or amaranth, bajra or pearl millet, Bengal gram, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and cashews. 

Zinc Supplement Pill


Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body - and much like zinc, most women with PCOS don’t have enough of it in their system. 

Magnesium supplements for PCOS work because magnesium helps tackle a variety of PCOS symptoms: reducing pain and inflammation, promoting better sleep, and relieving PMS symptoms. Magnesium also works to reduce anxiety, improves insulin resistance and lowers blood pressure. 

Natural sources of magnesium include leafy greens, fruits nuts, seeds, beans, and whole grains. If you are looking for the best magnesium supplement for PCOS based on your symptoms and budget, consult your doctor. 

Magnesium Supplement Pill

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5. Inositol

A common search trend related to PCOS is “inositol supplement PCOS,” indicating that women are aware that inositol is something that helps take care of PCOS - but how?

Myo-inositol or a combination with D-chiro-inositol helps restore boost female fertility. It is also used to restore spontaneous ovarian activity and consequently fertility in most women suffering from PCOS.

It also helps clear up polycystic acne, reduces blood insulin ratios and regulates blood pressure.

Inositol Pill

If you are looking to tackle your PCOS for good, you can explore our program tailored to the condition - the PCOS/PCOD Management Program.

If you have any questions of queries, write to us at lb@nutritionbylovneet.com 

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What supplements are best for PCOS?

The best PCOS supplements you should take are plant or animal-derived Omega-3s, B-Vitamins, zinc, magnesium and inositol

Which vitamin deficiency causes PCOS?

PCOS cannot be tied down to being deficient in a single vitamin - there are several causes, ranging from genetics to poor eating habits, insulin resistance, stress and more. But it has been observed that women with PCOS tend to be deficient in B-Vitamins and Vitamin D.

What happens if PCOS is left untreated?

If left untreated, PCOS can have a severe impact on fertility. And, according to several studies, women with PCOS are at a higher risk of developing heart disease, diabetes (due to insulin resistance), mental health conditions (anxiety and depression), reproductive disorders (infertility), and cancer of the uterine lining in the long run. 

How do I know if my PCOS is getting worse?

You will notice that the major symptoms - like irregular periods, scalp hair loss, excessive facial hair, weight gain and acne - are increasing. 

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