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October 20, 2020
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7-Day Detox Diet Program: Time to Get Healthy

As life grows more uncertain with the lockdowns extending nationwide, beating stress via food, indiscriminate eating and lack of a routine are becoming commonplace.

Our work hours stretch on for more hours, we are glued to multiple screens all the time and on top of that, you have to manage food, work, family and kids together. There is so much stress in the body which leads to so much inflammation that is only making your immune system weaker - which is why you need a detox diet plan.

We at Nutrition By Lovneet have come up with a simple, calming and easily doable detox needed. So whether you are looking for a 7-day weight loss detox, 7-day healthy eating plan, or a 7-day detox diet, we’ve got you covered with our plan! 

Morning And Evening Rituals

The program includes wake-up and nighttime rituals which will help boost metabolism and detoxification. 

On waking up, the body is more ready to accept foods that kickstart and boost the metabolism process, rejuvenate the skin, cleanse the liver and the gut and eliminate toxic waste - Meaning you can shed more calories during this time. Our plans give your body the right foods to start on the right note.

Bedtime is when your body has seen enough wear and tear throughout the day both mentally and physically and it needs to repair itself. The food and drinks you consume at this time determine the efficacy of the detoxifying nature of the program. Our plan comes with a few detox drinks you can have before you go to sleep which will boost your resting metabolic rate (RMR), prepare your gut to expel impurities in the morning and be ready to absorb nutrients in a more efficient manner.

detox diet plan

How Can I Detox My Body In 7 Days?

With the detox diet plan, you’ll experience the benefits of “simple is powerful”, or, how simple foods and rituals can have a profound health impact. The 7-day detox diet plan is designed to rest your body, reset your eating habits and restore your digestive system.

What Can I Eat On A 7-Day Detox Diet Plan?

Detox diets for weight loss are tailored to make your body feel less sluggish and help remove toxins. Here’s what to eat.

Day 1

On waking up: Amla juice (1tsp) + water + almonds (4 soaked)

Breakfast: 1 bowl of moth bean sprouts

‍Mid-morning: Lemon water/ amla juice with water

‍Lunch: 1 bowl of dal soup

‍Evening:  1 bowl of pomegranate +4 walnuts (soaked)

‍Dinner: 1 bowl of slow-cooked sabzi ( as many different colours as you like) + coconut milk/curd dip (hung curd + black pepper + garlic + pink salt)

‍Bedtime: Coriander seeds water

Day 2

On waking up: Jeera water (1tsp) + almonds (4 soaked)‍

Breakfast: 1 besan cheela (cooked in ghee)+ lauki raita

‍Mid-morning: Coconut water

‍Lunch: 1 bowl of tomato soup + 2 vegetable idli

‍Evening:  1 bowl of papaya +2 tsp of roasted flax seeds

Dinner: Lauki soup  + arhar dal khichdi

‍Bedtime: 1 soaked fig

Day 3

On waking up: Moringa powder (1tsp) + almonds (4 soaked). If you don't have moringa powder, you can mix a pinch of black pepper, a pinch of turmeric powder, 4 almonds (soaked and peeled) with raw honey.

‍Breakfast : 1 bowl of  papaya + pomegranate

‍Mid-morning: Bael juice/cucumber mint juice

‍Lunch: 1 bowl of dal soup

‍Evening: 1 glass of buttermilk + 5 cashews

Dinner: Vegetable idlis with chutney

Bedtime: Ajwain water

Day 4

On waking up: Spirulina powder (1tsp) + almonds (4 soaked)

‍Breakfast: 1 moong dal cheela (cooked in ghee) + cucumber raita

‍Mid-morning: vegetable juice (beetroot + tomato + ginger + carrot )

‍Lunch: 1 bowl of pumpkin soup + 1 matar tikki

‍Evening: 1 apple + 2 tsp of sunflower seeds

‍Dinner: Lauki juice  + moong dal khichdi

‍Bedtime: Coriander seeds water

Day 5

On waking up: Methi dana (1tsp) + almonds (4 soaked)

‍Breakfast: 1 bowl of  channa with veggies

Mid-morning: Cucumber mint cold soup

‍Lunch: 1 bowl of dal soup

‍Early evening: 1 bowl of papaya + 5 pistachios

‍Dinner: 1 bowl of curd rice

‍Bedtime: 1 soaked fig

Day 6

On waking up: Garlic (1tsp) + 1 cup water + almonds (4 soaked)

‍Breakfast: 1 sprouts cheela (cooked in ghee) + beetroot raita

‍Mid-morning: Coconut water

‍Lunch: 1 bowl of tomato soup + 2 vegetable idli

‍Evening: 1 bowl of pomegranate+ sabja seeds (soaked) + water

Dinner: Lauki soup + arhar dal khichdi

‍Bedtime: Ajwain water

Day 7

On waking up: Wheatgrass powder (1tsp) + almonds (4 soaked) If you don’t have wheatgrass powder, you can replace it by drinking 1 litre of water that has been kept in an authentic, cleaned copper vessel for 12 hours. ‍

Breakfast: 1 bowl of watermelon

Mid-morning: Pumpkin juice

‍Lunch: 1 bowl of dal soup

‍Evening: 1 glass of buttermilk + 2 tsp pumpkin seeds

‍Dinner: 1 bowl of dal chawal cooked in ghee

‍Bedtime: Coriander seeds water

Foods To Avoid During Your Detox: Use less oil, salt, red chilly powder and other masalas during this week. The aim of the diet is to relax and rejuvenate your body.

Detox Plan Snacks: Snack on fruits and nuts during this period, like we have outlined. 

Detox Plan Benefits: A detox diet plan helps you kick start metabolism, rejuvenates the skin and cleanses the liver and gut. Your body is prepped to eliminate toxic waste and shed more calories.

Try out this menu and experience the benefits of food as medicine, giving your body the restoration it needs. 


How much weight can you lose on a 7-day detox?

This depends on the kind of detox you are doing. Some extreme diets promise the loss of 5 kilos and upwards, but this is not healthy. The ideal way to lose weight is at the rate of 1/2 to 1 kg per week, which is what we aim to do via our program. 

Is detox healthy for weight loss?

Detox can help you lose a few kilos while you are on the program, but once you go back to eating your “regular” food, you will gain it all back, most likely. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it the result of only a diet. Sustainable weight loss happens with a combination of the right diet and adequate exercise and physical activity. 

Can you eat eggs on a detox diet?

This depends largely on the detox. Most detox programs advise eating a range of plant-based food, like fresh fruits and vegetables which are lightly cooked with fewer spices and salt. People with sensitivity to eggs should remove them completely. 

Is a detox program safe during pregnancy?

There is research that suggests that pregnant mothers can detox - but it’s always best to consult your physician/nutritionist/gynaecologist before taking the plunge. 

Can I work out during a detox cleanse?

Yes, some exercise is permissible during a detox such as this one. Check with your doctor.

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We also have a Liver Detox Plan focussed on cleansing the liver.

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