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Jan 16, 2021

Curing Constipation, Naturally

Indian foods to cure constipation naturally

Constipation is the most commonly occuring gastrointestinal problem in adults today.

A chronic constipation problem affects quality of life, causes heavy toxins to accumulate and cause more inflammation in the body, uneasiness and a decreased ability to process  key functions of daily life.

How do you know if you have constipation?

Healthy living starts from a healthy gut. It is important to  clear your bowels every day at a particular time for optimum health. While it is viewed to be idle if you’re going to the loo every day, doctors diagnose you with constipation if you are experiencing bowel movements only 2-3 times a week, or less.

Constipation can happen due to a variety of reasons. Some of these include stress, anxiety, irregular eating and sleeping timings,  inactivity, low calorie intake on a daily basis, less fibre intake, multiple medications, gut disease or underlying autoimmune diseases or susceptibility to disease.

The kind of lifestyles we live today make our bodies very easily prone to developing gut imbalances like constipation. However, food, when taken at the right time and in the right combination, can help you manage your condition in a much better, stress free manner.

Let’s take a look at some foods that are extremely beneficial in helping you get rid of constipation.

  1. Amla Juice

Taking 30 ml of amla juice with water on an empty stomach after you wake up regularly will help you gradually get rid of constipation. Be sure to include this morning ritual in your daily routine for best results, even after you do experience regular bowel movement. Amla juice will also help you manage diabetes and high blood pressure and will reduce cholesterol gradually.

  • Vegetable Juice

Having a tall glass of vegetable juice made out of your favorite veggies, mid morning or mid evening during snack time is really good for your intestines. This way you will avoid the dehydrating effects of chai and coffee which contain caffeine which is another sneaky culprit that causes constipation. You will avoid harmful sugars that cause your blood sugar levels to rise and again, cause constipation. Vegetable juice with its fibrous pulp will keep you feeling fuller for longer and will slay those snack cravings effectively. You will feel lighter, fresher and your body will be gradually building immunity.

  • Dalia:

A bowl of dalia with lots of veggies or fruit is a power packed meal. It is full of fibre and energy coupled with a healthy amount of good fats and proteins. The added fibre will help cleanse your bowels more regularly and in a  more satisfactory manner.

  • Triphala:

Triphala is a wonder herb. Have half a teaspoon in a cup of warm milk /warm water before bedtime and notice how it helps you not only regularise your bowel movements, but will also detoxify your blood and liver.  A super inflammation healer, Triphala is a great addition to your bedtime ritual.

  • Yogurt

 A small bowl of yogurt or dahi is an important addition to your daily routine. Probiotics in the yogurt improve the flora and fauna in the gut which help breakdown and soften the stools.  


Once the lockdown is over and we are back to the home- office- travel grind, there are some more lifestyle changes that you should make because #fitnessisalifestyle and health has to be maintained everyday.

  • Fix your sleep timings.

Try to sleep and wake up on time every day. It doesn't matter what work shift you have. Your body’s rituals are influenced by this factor alone. You will feel hungry, tired, energized according to your sleep routine.

  • Fix your meal timings.

Eat your meals on time every day. Figure out when you feel hungry the most in the day and plan your healthy meals accordingly. This will affect your day and will keep you away from choosing junk food to satiate cravings.

  • Exercise

Staying active and exercising every day is very important if you want your constipation issues to be kept at bay. Go for a walk when you wake up. Walk up the stairs to work instead of taking the elevator. Take more water and loo breaks and walk around the workplace. When you're on the phone, make sure you take the call while you walk. After lunch or dinner, go out for a short walk. Any activity is good for your gut, be it gyming, training, running, swimming, yoga, playing football, basketball, badminton or tennis. Your body should be on the move during the waking hours.

  • Add more yogurt to your main meals

Like we mentioned earlier, yogurt is very important for your gut health. Make sure you have it with your main meals. You can have raita, chaach, lassi, plain yogurt with your meals. They'll help with digestion and will also keep gas and acidity at bay.

  • Start your day with fruit

Once you’re up for the day, have your water and nuts and seeds.

Then include a fruit in your breakfast slot.

Avoid juices.

Eat your fruit for fibre absorption and satiety.

Constipation is a very irritating problem but it can be managed and eventually eliminated if you start regimenting your lifestyle a bit.

You don't have to go out of your way, just incorporate a few changes in your routine.



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