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February 1, 2021
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24 Jun

Dinner Wins : 21 Health Hacks for a Healthy 2021

Hello everyone!

Back with my latest health swap for a healthier, fitter you in the fresh new decade.

Sometimes, when we follow unregulated, unmonitored, self prescribed diets that are standardized, we try to reinvent the wheel on our own as well.

So.. you will see that you are not eating according to  your natural hunger patterns.

Dinner is said to be the lightest meal of the day , so a lot of people tend to skip it , hoping to get 'slimmer' faster.

That really doesn't help you. You remain hungry all night and break your fast the next morning. That's about 12-16 hours of not eating anything.

Since your last meal has only been a snack, at around 5-7 pm, skipping a dinner time meal will only make you susceptible to midnight bingeing.

Skipping diner is an unhealthy habit even if you have been doing it for long, otherwise as well.

If weightloss is your goal, you will not be able to achieve longterm fitness by skipping dinner as you will give in to hunger angs. Then comes the guilt and ultimately giving up of the routine. Nobody wants to go through that routine again right?

How to solve this?

  1. Eat a small dinner meal 3 hours before bedtime.
  2. Fix a small, delicious and satiating meal that you look forward to.
  3. Have khichdi, dal chawal, chicken tikka with roti and other such small but deliciously satisfying meals that will prevent you from binge snacking at midnight with chips, chocolates and other namkeens.

If at night you are ready to sleep, you don't need that sugar  , or those trans fats to interfere with your digestion and you definitely don't need that energy while you sleep.

You''ll notice that your habit of midnight snacking gradually reduces and you will wake up fresher and more rested the next day.

Check out healthy dinner recipes from my nourished kitchen here.

My instagram handle will give you all the 21 swaps for this series. Check it out, here.



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