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Jan 27, 2021

Dont Skip Main Meals : 21 Health Swaps For A Healthy 2021

Hi Everyone ,

My next hack is something that is non negotiable when it comes to staying fit.

Repeat after me and LOUDER  for the people at the back,

DO 👏 NOT👏SKIP👏 MAIN👏MEALS in order to lose weight faster, or to cope with our hectic lifetstyles we choose to skip some of the important main meals of the day, like breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We replace those meals with a snack or a (shudder) salad..or.. we just dont eat.

Short term gains like moderate weightloss may happen  but guys, its damaging to your relationship with your body and food.

What I suggest is that you figure out your eating timings.

How do you do that?

Figure out which parts of the day you feel most hungry- when even a small snack doesnt help and you feel like having more of the snack. That is the time when your main meal should happen.

☝This is a fight against your hunger hormone- ghrelin and once you plan a delicious meal for yourself to be eaten on the fixed time of the day, you will see marked difference in your fitness levels.

☝Not only are you eating at your pace and on your time, you are also eating to nourish your body by eating a plate of healthy food and not junk food.

Try it and tell me if that works for you.



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