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January 27, 2021
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24 Jun

Eat Intuitively : 21 Health Swaps for a Healthy 2021

Hi everyone,

Continuing from my previous blog about mindful eating, Im going to add a little subset.

Practise intuitive eating ,always.

Intuitive eating is all about LISTENING to your body.

It doesnt impose guidelines or restrictions on what you should eat or when, infact it helps you become the person who listens to what the body wants and repair

unhealthy eating behaviours.

Eating intuitively means to actually see the food you eat before you eat it.

When you actually SEE the food in front of you, you are able to process the fact that there is a certain quantity that you are eating.

When you eat something straight out of a packet , or watch something on the screen and eat your food, you tend to overeat.

Eating intuitively means then to really be aware of what you are eating and in what quantities.

One hack I suggest is that you should keep healthy food around every place you reach out when you are hungry.

This small but very useful step will help yu train your brain to seek healthy foods when you feel snacky.

☝Another hack is to always plate your food before you have it.

This will really help repair the habit of binge-eating in the long run.



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