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Feb 4, 2021

Eliminate Bedtime Screentime: 21 Health Swaps For A Healthy 2021

Hello everyone,

We now move to modifying the bedtime routine.

So we love watching something on our phones/ ipads during bedtime right?

It is after all the only free time we get and it will help lull us to sleep right?


Screentime before bed time is known to disrupt mental health levels and disturb natural sleep patterns dramatically.

This is because you are usually tempted to watch something on social media, or watch a movie which can keep you up longer and shorten your natural sleep cycle.

As a result the hormones required to kick in the repair process become ineffective and your immune system suffers.

You also wake up anxious, tired and irritated the next day.

Why go through all of that?

Try reading a book you've been meaning to find time for, or try meditating before you sleep.

You will realise that you sleep faster, wake up fresh and fell lighter every day.

Check out all my 21 Health Swaps on my instagram here.



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