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October 20, 2020
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Get Back to Balance- 7 Day Balanced Eating Plan

What is a balanced diet

A balanced diet is one that is made up of  different kinds of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and grains that are had throughout the day at regular intervals and in the right combinations.

This diet is meant to nourish your body and equip it with the right proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other alternative nutrients required to naturally strengthen your body.

A balanced diet is not just about eating, but is more importantly focused on building the right relationship with your body and the food you eat.

Coupled with daily activity, a balanced diet is instrumental in maintaining immunity levels and keeping the body fit and strong so that it can keep diseases and disorders at bay.

What does a balanced diet look like?

Day 1

On Waking Up: 2 glasses of water + 5 almonds + 5 raisins (soaked)

Breakfast :Moong Dal cheela + mint chutney

Mid Morning: Orange

Lunch:Yogurt + Sabzi + Roti

Evening: Chana Chaat

Dinner : Paneer + Roti + Sabzi

Day 2

On Waking Up:2 Glasses of Water + 5 Cashews + 1 Fig (soaked)

Breakfast : Vegetable Idli + Tomato Chutney

Mid Morning:Buttermilk

Lunch: Dal & Rice + Sabzi

Evening: Watermelon

Dinner:Peas cutlet + Pumpkin Soup

Day 3

On Waking Up:

2 Glasses of Water + 1 Banana

Breakfast : Veg Poha + Yogurt

Mid Morning :Coconut water

Lunch: Sambhaar + Rice + Chutney

Evening: Apple + 5 almonds (soaked)

Dinner:  Buritto Bowl (Black beans, rice, veggies, guacamole)

Day 4

On Waking Up: 2 glasses of water + 1 tsp raw peanuts (soaked)

Breakfast :Veg Dalia + Yogurt

Mid Morning:Buttermilk

Lunch: Rajma + Rice + Sabzi

Evening: Banana + 1 tbsp Pumpkin Seeds

Dinner: Lentil soup + Chickpeas patty + hung curd dip + veggies

Day 5

On Waking Up: 2 glasses of water+ 5 almonds + 5 raisins (soaked)

Breakfast : Paneer stuffed roti + ginger pickle

Mid Morning : Shikanji + 1 tbsp flaxseeds

Lunch :Black chana + veg dalia

Evening : Mango + sabja seeds (Soaked)

Dinner: 1 bowl of Curd Rice + Sabzi

Day 6

On Waking Up: 2 glasses of water + 2'' pc tender coconut

Breakfast :Sprouts + Buttermilk

Mid Morning : Orange

Lunch :Kadhi + Rice + Sabzi

Evening: Grapes + 2 walnuts (soaked)

Dinner: Vegetable Raita + Millets Biryani

Day 7

On Waking Up: 2 glasses of water+ 5 cashews + 1 fig (soaked

)Breakfast : 1 bowl Papaya + 1tbsp flaxseeds

Mid Morning:1 Glass Buttermilk

Lunch: 1 Bowl Vegetable Khichdi

Evening : 1 Bowl Sprouts

Dinner:  Veg stew + Samak rice

Notable Points :

  • All cooking is to be done in ghee / peanut oil/ mustard oil / extra virgin cold pressed olive oil  only.
  • Use less oil, salt, red chilly powder and other masalas during this week. The aim of the diet is to relax and rejuvenate your body.
  • You need to have 4 litres of water everyday during the diet week.
  • You will feel hungry so feel free to have more veggies to satiate your hunger.  Hydrate yourself with water and the low calorie, calming drinks.
  • This is a standard, indicative balanced diet plan to help you develop healthy food habits and have a more relaxed, rejuvenated experience. If you'd like for customized diet plans please call + 91  84470 02584
  • Sleep is very important so make sure you have your 8 hours of sleep.
  • It is important that you stay away from alcohol and smoking/ vaping and any other such substances during this time. This will defeat the healing purpose of the diet.



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