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Jan 27, 2021

Get Good Fats : 21 Health Swaps For A Healthy 2021

Hello everyone,

My next swap recommendation is for everyone who is wondering how they can work on their heart health.

Thankfully, by now all of us understand that good fats are beneficial for achieving good heart health and metabolism.

We know that we get good fats in food via nuts and seeds, through wild caught fresh and organic fish amongst other natural sources.

A lot of Indian cooking is done in fats in the form of oils and ghee.

Apart from the usual ghee, mustard oil, coconut oil, sesame seed oil and peanut oil , the market today is filled with all sorts of 'mineral rich', 'heart healthy', 'cholesterol -

free' refined oils that swear by their potency to magically transform your heart health.

They say that since the oil is coming from plant based sources, it is not unhealthy.

Ofcourse! Plants do not have a liver so they cannot 'make' cholesterol.

Food marketing will have you believe that you have hit the jackpot and you can use these oils and consume them liberally.


What it hides is that these refined oils can be a source of Omega 6 fatty acids which are converted by the human liver to make 'bad cholesterol' in the body, which in turn spikes up the inflammation in the body to make you sick.

Consuming foods made in such refined oils on a regular basis and in large quanitites is niether going to help your heart health, your immunity levels, nor your metabolism.

So, what does one do?

We suggest you go back to the basics and use the oils that we traditionally have been using- the clean fats.

1. Homemade Ghee

2. Cold pressed Mustard Oil

3. Coldpressed, virgin, organic coconut oil

4. Coldpressed organic peanut and seasame oils

Check out our very detailed blog on the Healthiest Oils To Use to understand how and which oils to use for cooking everyday.

So, swap your refined oils for the traditional homemade/ organic oils and ghee.



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