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Jan 27, 2021

Get Salad Smart : 21 Health Swaps For A Healthy 2021

Hi every one,

My latest swap recommendation is to swap your creamy salad sauces and croutons and cheese for healthier, natural seasoning options.

I talk about this all the time.

If your salad comes with creamy sauces and cheese and croutons, its not a healthy salad.

And yes, if you swap your lunch or dinner meal with a salad, especially one like this, you're setting yourself up for a health disaster.


Now the creamy sauces are usually high in sugar and sodium plus have truckloads of preservatives and artificial flavoring that your body does not need at all.

Healthier alternatives :

Choose natural flavoring like

1. Organic, natural lemon juice,

2. Organic, cold pressed olive oils,

3. Crushed and/or toasted garlic (homemade powder without the salt and artificial preservatives),

4. Fresh herbs or dried herbs.

5. Toasted nuts and seeds



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