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January 25, 2021
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24 Jun

Have Chemical Free Beverages : 21 Health Swaps for a Healthy 2021

We all know this-cold drinks with their multiple chemicals and the tonnes of sugar are a no go when it comes to developing good health.

The chemical preservatives, the direct white sugar, the multiple acidity regulators and artificial flavoring really weakens the immune system, messes with the hormones giving rise to thyroid, diabetes and other such disorders.

But we don't really like giving these up don't we?

So we go ahead with diet sodas to cut down on the guilt.

But did you know you're still harming your body with the soda as it still is loaded with the very chemicals we were trying to stay from?

Now, what do you swap it with? Something that is as exciting and tasty and helps you stay away from the chemicals.

No, no i dont insist you have vegetable juices ( though they would be the healthiest).

You can take sparkling water and have fun with it.

Take freshly pressed fruit juice - orange, pomegranate, mausami juice and add a  lemon with 250 ml of sparkling water  and enjoy your craving for that sweet ( but white sugarfree) drink .

You can use this hack when hosting parties too!

You can also add ginger juice, lemon juice and mint to the sparkling water and enjoy your fizzy drink guilt free!

With that,



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