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Jan 25, 2021

Have Natural Convenience Food : 21 Health Swaps For A Healthy 2021

Hi everyone, 

My next tip is to help you fortify your morning routine further. 

We get really hungry on waking up right?

Especially after brushing the teeth, you just want to grab something to eat. 

What is the first thing you pick up?


Is a biscuit, some dalmoth, bread, a fruit? 

Why do we pick them up? 

Because they are available right in front of us right? 

Did you however know that having a biscuit first thing in the morning or having a chai is ruining your longterm health?

The hydrogenated fats and high white sugars in the biscuit really ruin your blood sugar levels. 

Replace all of these with soaked nuts and seeds.

Have them after you've drunk your litre of water. 

Starting your day with natural , good fats and nutrient rich nuts and seeds give you a much powerful and sustainable boost of energy than coffee, biscuit or chai. 

Have a fruit next instead of bread , and milk if you like before sitting down for breakfast.

Try this and watch how your mornings start to feel better day by day



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