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October 20, 2020
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26 Jul

Is your Lunch giving you Hyperacidity?

You are what you eat.

What you eat determines how you feel, how you work, how you respond to situations day in and day out.

If you eat a balanced, clean meal that caters to all your senses and nourishes every part of your body, you’ll see that you feel better and perform better at work.

Lunch is the most important meal of the working professional’s day.

This is the time when you, however, are either rushing the eating process, stepping out for lunch meeting with bosses and colleagues or are simply ordering in.

Most of us who live alone or have very hectic professional lives do not cook at home or have someone prepare our lunches.

Those of us who do, are lucky. But what happens when you’re suffering from hyperacidity or your regular eating out habits are making you hyperacidic?

How do you manage that?

Let’s look at how we can make your lunch eatouts and lunch tiffins less acidity inducing.

If you’re going out for a lunch meeting, you’re already high on stress and stress is NOT good for your stomach and acidity.

So... have these foods to help your gut out.


This super calming, anti inflammatory south indian preparation of curd and rice tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds is the perfect acidity reductor lunch that you can have.

Curd is a probiotic which calms your acid production in the stomach, rice is easily the most digestible grain you can have and curry leaves are powerful digestive stimulators.

Together these make up for a super delicious lunch superstar dish that will keep you full but will make you feel light and energised.

Just make sure you don't have pickles with it because it will ruin the calm in the stomach with its high sodium and red chilly component.


If you're craving north indian cuisine, a great eat out or order in option is a vegetable pulao with raita or dahi.

Rice again is an easily digested grain.

Pair it with a lot of green red and yellow vegetables seasoned lightly and you have a wonderfully filling dish that is guaranteed to keep your fuller and acidity free for longer.

Add to this a cup of dahi and you’re gold.

Vegetable pulao is also very easy to make and requires the  least amount of preparation in the morning,


Veg Stew with Appams is another happy stomach dish. Lots of vegetables in coconut curry ( ask the chef to make it less spicy and put less chillies ) with appams made of fermented rice and dal paste is a very palatable eat out option.

Lots of fibre in the stew, protein from daal and the calming properties of the coconut milk are just the right ways to keep hyperacidity at bay.


Thai curries are quite a hit among people who follow a low acidic diet.

The goodness of coconut milk combined with thai ginger and vegetables, served with fragrant jasmine rice is quite a delight.

What to avoid when you feel Hyperacidic

Make sure your meals are not heavy.

Have 6 small meals the entire day.

Let your lunch also be small.

Opt for more small plate options at restaurants.

Avoid all types of non vegetarian foods including fish on hyperacidity. Have only freshly cooked food.

Have lot of dahi, vegetable raita and cold chaach.

Don't let all your dishes be too hot or spicy

Wake up with coconut water in the morning and have papayas for breakfast.

Fix your sleep timings and ensure that you're having more hydrating fruits and at least 3 litres of water every day to keep acidity away.



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