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January 25, 2021
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7 Jun

Manifest Success : 21 Healthy Swaps for a healthy 2021

Back with my 2nd healthy swap for a healthy 2021

Manifesting Success, Gratitude and Happiness 

Now this is a routine that has personally helped me a lot.


From the time I begun this exercise, I find myself being able to manage my emotions and my day A LOT  better. 

Personally, I hate waking up to loud jangling alarms or loud sudden noises. It would take away the aura of my restful sleep.

Then I decided to just shut all of that out and wake up simply on my own.

 I lie in bed for a few minutes and breathe in deeply, and then try to manifest what I want from my life. I shut my eyes and visualise my goals and what it feels like to achieve them.


We all lead such stressful lives and more often than not we get wrapped around small problems and lose sight of the big picture- what we really want from our lives.

Once that is lost, or the focus on it is reduced, we start feeling powerless and uncertain everyday, bit by bit.

Hope is a very powerful thing and to be able to take out some time and just remind yourself of the life you actually want to live, the long term goals you want to achieve is really helpful. 

Waking up to loud noises has a very negative effect on mental and physical health both. 

You wake up to a sudden loud noise which jolts your sleep (which induced your body and mind in a restful space). 

This shock raises your cortisol levels, raising your heartbeat and pumping in a fresh dose of adrenaline induced energy which mind you, will crash very soon, making you feel very low and uneasy during the day. 

You will try to repair this by dunking into a cup of coffee-- which further wrecks your hormones and the caffiene energy also doesnt last too long. 

Why go through all of that when you can just fix your sleep and wake up timings and then spend just a few mins visualising your goals. 

Believe me, this gives you a more sustainable level of energy and hope to wake up in the morning and plan your day.


Try it. It really works!



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