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January 25, 2021
• Updated on
24 Jun

Mind your Food Ratios: 21 Health Swaps for a Healthy 2021

Hi everyone, 

We are now diving into deeper waters.

What are you eating, how are you eating it, how you can make small changes and see bigger , more effective impacts in various areas of your life. 

Mind Your Food Ratios

We try to stay healthy and eat right but we forget to look at our plate and this is my next health swap for a fitter 2021.

When you pay attention to your plate, you'll notice that 75% of your plate is carbs and the rest is veggies or proteins. Make sure your food ratio is right.

Cut down your carb intake by replacing one third of it with a seasonal veggie and one fourth of it with a protein like paneer or chicken or dal. 

Basically, aim for a plate that has more veggies , some protein and some complex carb instead of it being the other way round.

You'll notice in sometime, that after you are having food in the ratios recommended above,you feel dramatically lighter, fresher and energised longer.

Plus you feel satiated for longer as the high fibre and the protein ensure that your hunger cravings are reduced. 

Complex carbs will also nourish you and eating them in the right ratios will really increase the nutrient density of your meals.

A good meal keeps those cravings away and keeps you feeling energised and nourished, longer.



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