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Jan 25, 2021

Oil Pulling : 21 Health Swaps For A Healthy 2021

The third healthy habit that you can add to your morning routine is oil pulling.

Oil pulling is the act of swishing coconut oil or sesame seed oil in your mouth first thing in the morning and spitting it out.

Take a capful (10 ml) of cold pressed virgin coconut oil or sesame oil and before you've brushed or drunk water, just swish this in your mouth for about 15-20 mins. 

This routine helps take care of 'literally swishing' harmful bacteria from your mouth, out of the body when you spit the concoction.

Now mouthwashes are great but did you know the antiseptic properties not only kill dysbiosis causing bacteria but also the good bacteria in your gut.

( It does go in when you swallow something right?)  Remember how mouthwashes are supposed to be the last rinse?

Once the good bacteria are out, gut health suffers and the bad breath problem you're trying to solve, really doesn't go away :( .

Oil pulling is an effective and very safe way to pull out the bad ones without harming the good ones.

Another known benefit of this routine is that it helps balance your hormones and whitens your teeth and prevents dental inflammation.

Swish and spit into your trash can because your sink can get clogged because of the oil.



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