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January 25, 2021
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24 Jun

Plate It Right : 21 Health Swaps for a Healthy 2021

HI Everyone!

Mind your plate! - Yes that's my latest health swap for a fitter you in 2021.


A lot of   what and how much we eat is influenced by the plate we eat it in!  It's true.

If you are struggling to control your food portions, try to change your plate.

It really adds up in the long run.

Now this is not to promote eating less, but it is to help you pay attention and be more mindful of the amount of food you are eating.

Because we eat with our eyes, we tend to eat more , because the food is .. simply.. there (and remember we were told as kids that we must finish the food on our plate? ).

Simply switch to a smaller plate and eat all the food there.

You will notice that you are satiated faster even though you've not eaten more.  

Another thing that can work in helping you control your portion sizes is the colour of the plate you eat from!

It has been noticed that when the food on the plate contrasts the colour of the plate, the mind is more aware of the food intake.

You can use this to your advantage easily .

If you do not like a particular food but you must eat it because its very good for the body, try placing it in a plate that is of the same colour or similar colour.

You will notice that you are able to eat that veggie more.

That's because your eyes gloss over the amount because of the colour on the plate.

PS: Moms, this is a great way to get your kids to eat their veggies too!   

Try this hack and share this link your friends who are looking for ways to control their portion sizes!



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