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Jan 9, 2021

Reduce belly fat with Moong dal

Get rid of belly fat with moong dal

Looking for a weight loss superfood that is healthy as well as filling? Moong dal is a perfect fitness fix for calorie counters. It can help you get fit and slim in a healthy way. No deprivation involved. Trimming abdominal fat, in particular, is quite possible if you make this dal your diet staple.

A must-have for Indian kitchens, it is trusted and preferred for both healthy and sick days. While moong dal halwa is a sumptuous indulgence for the happy days, a warm bowl of moong-dal khichdi is a revered comfort food for the sick days. That’s the unique quality of moong – it is nutritious, versatile, and dazzles in all its avatars.

You can experiment with this dal in so many tasty ways. Whether you like it soaked, sprouted or cooked, Moong dal is every weight watcher’s delight. Its nutritional benefits make it a potent weight-loss food. It’s light and good for digestion. High on protein and fiber, eating Moong leads to an increase in the satiety hormone called cholecystokinin, which helps you stay full for longer and keep junk food cravings at bay. In fact, the wholesome Indian thali is incomplete without it. From toddlers to elders, it caters to all age groups.

Regarded as a superfood, one of the significant benefits of moong dal is its role in facilitating weight loss. It is packed with dietary fiber, potassium, manganese, calcium, iron, folate, and several other vitamins. Including moong dal in your lunch or dinner menu helps you feel full, get nutrition, and receive carbs-free energy for workouts. There is no need for deprivation when you are eating moong dal.

From moong dal chillas to crunchy moong salad, it scores high on nutrition in every form without feeling boring or monotonous. In the past few years, it has gained huge popularity in the vegan community because of its high protein content. Moong dal is the healthiest source of plant-based protein – a fact that it is making it a favorite among vegetarians and vegan. Especially in the Covid-19 era when an increasing number of people are going off animal meat, plant-based protein is becoming a popular substitute for traditional protein sources.

Interestingly, moonglet aka vegetarian omelet is the new hot favourite among vegetarians and vegans. After soaking the moong dal overnight, it's albumin protein levels come close to omelet albumin levels.

Sprouted Moong Dal is another popular moong-dal version that fitness enthusiasts swear by. It is high on antioxidants and offers increased nutrient content. When it comes to the health of your digestive system, it fights constipation due to the high insoluble fiber. If we see in figures, one bowl of sprouted moong dal meets 14% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C. You can have it as mid-meal or evening snack. Throw in some veggies and it can double up as your dinner – light and healthy. However, those who have high flatulence issues and sensitive gut should cook it properly before consuming it. Cooking it breaks down those sugars, which cause excessive flatulence or create stomachache.

Here are some amazing health benefits of this seemingly humble but highly nutritious dal:

  1. Rich in Folic Acid- It helps maintain new cells of the body. Folic Acid is an important nutrient during and before pregnancy as it prevents birth defects in the baby's brain and spinal cord.
  1. Builds immunity- It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help fight away various harmful bacteria and viruses. It is also a good source of magnesium, which is needed for boosting immunity.
  1. Aids in weight loss- High in protein and fiber and low in fat, it gives satiety for a longer time.
  1. Good for Gut Health- Easy on the stomach, it has insoluble fiber, which multiplies the rate of digestion and softens the body's waste.
  1. Balances Blood Sugar Levels- Low in glycemic index and made of complex carbohydrates, it doesn’t spike the blood sugar levels.
  1. Fights Hair Fall - A rich source of protein, vitamin A and folic acid, it significantly reduces hair fall.  

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