October 20, 2020
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7 Jun

Revamp your Relationship with Food this Decade!

Revamp your relationship with food

Happy New Year, everyone! You know how we sometimes set a particular date or event in our lives to do something? For example : “ Let it be 7:15 pm, then I will take out the trash”, or, “I’ll quit smoking from Monday, let me just enjoy the last few days with this so that I get closure” or, my personal favorite, “ Come January and I will start afresh! I will check all my goals off the list and I’ll be a new person from now on”.

Well, it’s here, it’s time to set the ball rolling because the new decade has begun. It’s full of amazing possibilities that can be created, new ideas, new perspectives we can adopt and, new habits that we can acquire to change our lives! We’re excited about the new things we can do together. We have a whole list of goals for this year that we want to share with you and in the process, we hope, we can also help you set small, achievable goals for yourself in any area of life that you feel needs more work. This year Team NBL decided to go all out. We have always been an advocate of healthy eating, simplifying our relationship with food, as well as, doing the best in our capacity for our clients and everyone who follows us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This year, we're going to be even more involved in your personal fitness journey via various channels. So, if you are someone who is looking for guidance on how to improve your relationship with food, fitness and discipline, make sure that this year you follow us and are open to having discussions on various habits, myths and medical conditions. Nutrition by Lovneet  begins 2020 with a campaign cry called #newdecadenewme where we talk about the various ways we can work together to achieve our holistic fitness goals.

The first thing we'd like to talk about this week, is PRIORITY. It’s a funny, small word, isn’t it? But it leaves behind a huge shadow that sort of encapsulates everything we want to do, everything we have been doing and everything we have done in the past. When you start looking at everything in terms of priority things change dramatically. You are able to set more effective, clear cut  boundaries automatically. Priority is a powerful word. Replace : “I don’t have time for this” with “ This isn't/ is a priority for me right now” and just watch the difference it makes in that very moment.“Not having time” gives you an allowance to postpone things and assign it to an indefinite, vague time frame. It also lets you justify  your needless procrastination to yourself. Especially when you’re trying to change your life. Particularly, when it comes to breaking an old unhealthy habit and adopting a new one.

Moreover, when you’re trying to develop a better relationship with food and your overall health, you need to set it as a priority. So if you say “My new food habit/ new health regime is not a priority right now”, it sets the tone for the next question- “When will it be a priority?” This leads you to ask yourself or set another quantifiable time for yourself. Your brain then will set a note and you will set an alarm to remind you of this promise to yourself. This is how you train your brain to set accountability for your actions.

You know how sometimes we say “ I don’t know man, I just don’t do it?” This is how you will “know why”. Easier said than done? Absolutely. You will fail a couple of times, but the key is to remember that your health is always a priority come rain or shine. You will fail five times,  but the sixth time you will get back on track. This is a promise. Train your brain to help you become more accountable to your goals. Making linguistic changes like these in your vocabulary will help stay on track. All this year we will help you prioritize YOU over everything else. In our column, we will tell you how to figure out what your priorities actually are. We’ll do a short exercise and take it from there. Till then, think about all the things with respect to food and health habits that you “don’t have time for”, write to us in the comments and we’ll discuss this.

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