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Sattvic Diet for Weight Loss with Recipes and Food Chart

What Is Sattvic Diet?

Food, as all know, is fuel. Our ancient Ayurvedic texts explain this, and food is recognised as the source of all energy. Based on the energy food provides, the different kinds of foods are categorised as Tamasic, Rajasic and Sattvic.

Each group has a certain value (known as Guna), and induces certain kinds of feelings and energy in the body. 

A Sattvic diet derives its name from the Sanskrit word sattva which means pure.

"Eating a Sattvic diet can help an individual attain a calm mind, active body and live a long life."

Sattvic foods are light, fresh foods that are easily digestible. Fruits, vegetables, grains, spices and nuts, along with ethically-sourced dairy, are part of a Sattvic diet.

The food should not be too spicy or pungent and should be consumed at normal to room temperature. 

sattvic diet

Rajasic comes from the word rajas which means passion or activity. These foods are moderate - neither overly beneficial or bad for the body.

Hot, salty, spicy and pungent foods that can give the system an emotional and physical boost come under this category. Stimulants like tea, coffee, pepper etc are rajasic. 

Tamasic food is derived from the word tamas which means darkness in Sanskrit. These foods are said to be heavy on the digestive system and have negative effects on our mind, body and soul.

Meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, fermented foods, onions and garlic come under this category. 

sattvic diet

What Does Sattvic Diet Bring?

According to ancient food wisdom, a Sattvic diet brings a lot of benefits for mental and physical well-being. It is said to improve mental health and energy, and take the individual to a higher state of consciousness. 

It is also considered to have a balancing effect on the body and mind. Sattvic foods are said to be rich in prana or life force, since it consists of pure, whole and raw foods. It is not that difficult to follow a Sattvic diet plan.

India boasts a wealth of delicious fruits and vegetables that can be prepared with minimal spice and oil, without compromising on flavour. 

What Foods Can You Eat As Part Of A Sattvic Diet?

Here are the foods you can consume on a Sattvic diet food chart:

  • Grains: Rice, wheat, oats
  • Legumes: Various kinds of pulses like moong dal, green gram etc
  • Fresh vegetables: Spinach, green beans, lauki, ash gourd, zucchini, steamed vegetables that are lightly spiced
  • Fresh fruits: Bananas, apples, oranges, pomegranate, grapes etc
  • Nuts: Raw or lightly toasted nuts and seeds
  • Dairy: Fresh buttermilk, fresh curd, butter, ghee, fresh milk
  • Oils: Coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil
  • Spices: Ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, fennel (saunf), coriander, turmeric
  • Sweeteners: Jaggery, raw sugar, honey 
sattvic diet

Sattvic Diet For Weight Loss: Is It Feasible?

Another benefit of eating a Sattvic diet is that it manages weight loss naturally, because you are more aware of what you eat and are eating foods in their whole, natural and unprocessed form. 

Sattvic diet food preparation encourages limited use of oil and fat, and the aim is to eat more raw/lightly steamed fruits and vegetables. Portion control is also part of the Sattvic diet, suggesting that people stick to “hand-sized” portions, which means that if it can’t fit in your hand, it’s probably too much!

Sattvic Diet Benefits With Lovneet Batra

There are many benefits to eating a Sattvic diet - weight loss, better digestion, and less brain fog.

Whether you are looking to manage your weight, find the right foods to control diabetes or rejuvenate your skin, we have a range of programs at Nutrition By Lovneet.

And, if you want to stick to a Sattvic diet while working towards your goals, we can create a Sattvic diet food chart for you. 

sattvic diet food chart

At Nutrition By Lovneet, we draw on ancient Indian food wisdom and Ayurveda to provide you with Sattvic diet recipes that are nourishing and tasty.

You can find Sattvic recipes on our website, like sprouted moong palak pakodi, multigrain roti, Kerala olan and more.

Browse the entire collection of healthy recipes here. 

For more information on our plans and to enquire about consultations, email us at lb@nutritionbylovneet.com, or call on +91 84470 02584. 


What is a Sattvic diet?

A sattvic diet is a plant-based vegetarian diet that is said to balance the body and have a calming effect on the mind. Sattvic foods are light, fresh foods that are easily digestible.

Fruits, vegetables, grains, spices and nuts, along with ethically-sourced dairy, are part of a Sattvic diet. 

What foods are not part of a Sattvic diet?

If you are on a Sattvic diet, meat, fish and eggs are not allowed. Highly spicy and pungent foods, fermented foods and stimulants like tea and coffee are also out. Alcohol cannot be consumed either. 

Are onions and garlic allowed in a Sattvic diet?

No. Onions and garlic are considered pungent and stimulating foods that cause an imbalance in the body’s harmony, so they are not allowed in the Sattvic diet. 

Are spices part of a Sattvic diet?

Highly spiced foods, like pickles and lots of chillies and pepper, are not part of a Sattvic meal plan.

However, some spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, fennel, turmeric, cumin etc are allowed. 

Can dairy be consumed on Sattvic diet?

Yes. Good-quality dairy that does not contain additives can be consumed. Fresh buttermilk, yogurt, butter, ghee etc can be consumed.

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