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Jan 25, 2021

Swap Social Media For Books : 21 Health Swaps For A Healthy 2021

Hi everyone

My latest swap for a fitter you in 2021 is swapping / reducing  the use of social media for a book or any other activity that you enjoy, atleast once a week.

Social media has always been for getting information, expressing ourselves, connecting with friends , networking and having a lot of fun.

However, it is also quite addictive and we tend to spend more time on it, be more affected by it ( hi, #doomscrolling) and wreck our mental health.

This works its way into our eating style as well ( hello, #emotionaleating #stresseating #jealouseating).

One way to tackle this is STOP SCROLLING when you eat your food.

Just stop , infact put away the phone and laptops and any other screens while you eat.

This way you are more mindful of the food you eat , more aware of what you are eating and how much you are eating.

Use a meal break for.. a break from everything- work, news, information. It's just 15- 30 mins after all.

You can go back to all of this when you're done.

Just spend time with the food you are eating, be grateful for it, connect with the people who made the food for you, congratulate yourself( if you have made it ) and you'll

see you are eating better, feeling calmer and slowly becoming more appreciative of the good things around you.

Screen distractions do not let you connect with anyone, least of all yourself.

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