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Calorie Intake Calculator for Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the most common goals individuals have when they start overhauling their diet and eating habits. Losing weight is not about omitting entire food groups from your plate or exercising for several hours a day - it is about getting the right amount of calories from the right foods - and this can be achieved with a calorie calculator for weight loss.  
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How do I use a  pregnancy due date calculator?

A pregnancy due date calculator helps you determine when you are likely to give birth. 

How is my due date calculated?

The pregnancy due date calculator takes into account the last period/date of conception and works 38-39 weeks forward from there. 

Why is due date calculation important?

A pregnancy due date calculator is important to know not just when you will give birth, but also to keep track of your milestones as a pregnant woman and the growth and development of your foetus, week by week. You should keep track with a pregnancy week calculator by due date - because if you experience uneasiness earlier, you have to see a doctor. 

Which week is best for delivery?

As per any standard pregnancy due date calculator, a woman should be pregnant for 38-39 weeks and experience labour pains naturally and then give birth.

When should you see a doctor?

You should visit a doctor if you have missed your period, are planning a baby or have tested positive for pregnancy.