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Weight Loss Program
Healthy Weight Loss
Focuses on Fat Loss
No Deprivation, Strengthening Meal Plans
Weight Gain Program
Healthy Weight Gain
Focuses Strengthening and Muscle Building
No Deprivation, No Starvation, Meal Plans
Diabetes Management
Controlling and managing blood sugar levels
Healthy weight management
Deprivation free, no starvation diet plans
PCOD and PCOS Management Program
Sustainable Weightloss
Effective symptom management
Healthy, no deprivation, no starvation weekly meal plans
Hypothyroid Care Program
Effective Symptom Management
Sustainable Healthy Weight Management
No Deprivation, No Starvation Diet Plans
Hyperthyroid Care Program
Effective symptom management
Sustainable, healthy weight management
No Deprivation, no starvation, weekly meal plans
Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Management
Effective blood pressure control
Customised Sustainable weight management
No deprivation, no starvation, weekly meal plans
Liver Healing Program
Effective symptom management
Restoring strength and liver health
Customised weekly, no deprivation diet plans
Immunity Building Program
Easy customised immunity building meals
Sustainable healthy habit formation counselling
No deprivation, no starvation meal plans
Skin & Hair Rejuvenation Program
Effective symptom management
Sustainable good skin and hair health counselling
No deprivation, cusomised, no starvation diet plans
Bridal Program
Effective sustainable weight management
Good food habit formation counselling
No deprivation, customised weekly meal plans
Fertility Nutrition Program
Fertility promoting customised meals plans
No deprivation, no starvation delicious weekly plans
Effective , sustainable hormone and weight management
Pregnancy and Postnatal Nutrition Program
Sustainable weight loss and strength building
Customised weekly plans
No deprivation, no starvation diet
Children and Teenage Nutrition Program
Inculcate healthy nutrition and fitness habits
Effective, sustainable, customised meal plans
Easy introduction and acceptance of new foods
Gout and High Uric Acid Healing Program
Effective symptom management
Sustainable weight management
No deprivation, customised diet plans
Sports Nutrition
Promote muscle growth
Improve overall health
All rounder plan to promote peak performance levels

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Mallika Menon

Lovneet has changed the way, I look at food. I never knew there were so many healthy options that tasted so good. I don’t miss my sugar which I had never even tried to let go or sodas or deep fried foods. Now I consciously choose the better, healthier options and I have lovneet to thank for that..!!At a time, I thought I would give a diet a shot with it. Lovneet has been a great encouragement and constant voice of reason and I have managed to stick to my goals. If I do cheat Lovneet gives me options that won’t steer me completely off course. She’s there at the end of a simple text message

Diabetes Management
Anil Kalra

Been a regular since one year, it was great experience. Lost  almost 8.5kg weight. Nothing difficult to achieve but we have to be regular. Diet prescribed is normal, nothing out of the way, suggest to weight losers to join the program and to be regular.

Weight Loss Program
Tina Sen

When I came to you around a year back, my sugar level was dangerously high (HbA1c 9.5). Within 2 months, your diet brought it down 6.1 and I have maintained the low sugar levels ever seen. Whoever I have share my experience with has called it a miracle !!

Diabetes Management
Seerat Kohli

Thank you so so much for helping through this complete life style change. I have never felt better physically and mentally before. It has been a biggest struggle for me to loose a weight for the last few years and I have never seen results as I have with your help and guidance. I can’t thank you enough.I love the fact that your focus is not only on weight loss but also on overall nutrition, health and one’s physical well being. Thank you for teaching me the power and impart food habits which will stay with me life long.

Weight Loss Program

Learn & live healthy

Choose the right plan for you & start with healthy living, today!

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