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I’m Lovneet Batra.

As a nutritionist, I focus on wholesome meal plans with no starvation. I believe fitness is a life long journey and you must build habits that stay forvever instead of diet plans with an expiration date.

Nutrition Consultant for:

  • Commonwealth Games
  • Asian Games
  • Fortis

Visiting Faculty at: IHM Pusa

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1710, 2019

Fertility Superfoods for Women

By |October 17th, 2019|Uncategorized|

It is not possible to stop the biological clock, reverse time or ovulate more eggs. But it is possible to have a healthy diet, which increases the chances of having healthy eggs and easier pregnancy. Yes, you read it right. If you are planning to join camp ‘motherhood’, you better start taking a healthy diet as it plays a huge role in optimizing your fertility down the line

1710, 2019

8 Causes of Estrogen Dominance

By |October 17th, 2019|Uncategorized|

To conceive successfully, estrogen is important. But did you know that high level of estrogen might just ruin it all if you are trying to conceive naturally or putting all your bets on IVF. Estrogen levels hold tremendous importance because they are necessary for the proper functioning of the uterus in women, while in men it is important to maintain sperm levels.

1710, 2019

5 natural stress relievers

By |October 17th, 2019|Uncategorized|

It isn’t possible to eliminate stress from life today. But it is possible to control how you respond to stressful situations. From the boardroom meetings to the bedroom, stress can strike anywhere, anytime. While we all are vulnerable to stress in our daily lives, cutting down its impact on our health is actually in our hands.

Why people love us ?

With love and affection; for Lovneet Batra

It is indeed a pleasure to write about Lovneet. I am in her care for over four months now. She is an excellent nutritionist.  Her holistic approach is really commendable. I appreciate that she focuses on the diet which can be a lifetime habit and easy to follow.

She has brought awareness in me as to how healthy and tasty can be the Indian food. And at the same time very tasty as well.

Justice A.K. Sikri

Dear Lovneet

When I came to you around a year back, my sugar level was dangerously high (HbA1c 9.5). Within 2 months, your diet brought it down 6.1 and I have maintained the low sugar levels ever seen. Whoever I have share my experience with has called it a miracle…!

I wish you all the best and may you continue the good work.

Anil Shankar

I have been to many dieticians, same issue- gettired of the food given and eventually leave it mid-way.

And someone told us about Lovneet. I saw my sister-in-law loosing weight, my husband loosing weight, I wouldn’t have been left behind.

I started all the stubborn fat which never left me all this time inspite of visiting gym started to love me. I saw numbers in my  weighing  scale that I hadn’t seen for past 2 years. Keeping my fingers crossed, who knows. I might just become ‘size zero’ soon.

Tina Sen

Lovneet has been a complete game changer for me. She has been the best thing to happen to me and my body. She has made me think so differently about food and made my body feel organised. Her tendency to take your lifestyle and cravings into account. I am basically addicted to Lovneet. Been coming to her for 9 months now and I can’t quit. I have threatened to grow old with her. Lovneet is a treasure. Thank you for improving my life.

Mandira Ahuja

I just want to commend Lovneet on her ability to get me to loose 20 kgs (still going strong) in just over a period of four months. She has helped me to look at the way. I eat in a new and inspiring way. She really got to know me so she could personalise my plan instead of giving me generic advice. It’s great having her for support and never feeling judged for my shortcomings, which makes moving towards our goals much easier

Capt. Pawan Sareen

Been a regular since one year, it was great experience. Lost  almost 8.5kg weight. Nothing difficult to achieve but we have to be regular. Diet prescribed is normal, nothing out of the way, suggest to weight losers to join the program and to be regular. Weekly interaction with Ms.Lovneet is the most desirable and essential.

Anil Kalra

Lovneet is a little geanie that can make your wishes come true. She transforms you from a weight watcher to nutrition watcher. The results that follow are no less than a complete attitude towards eating. A sensible eater who eats balanced diet rather than counting calories on your plate are some of the side effects of enrolling with her.

Upasana Khanna

If it was for one person that I had to write a testimony for it would be you Lovneet batra… my nutritionist and now a good friend.

Coming to you meant crushing my ego. I always thought working out would make me get back into shape.. I tried for six months and then got stuck.. I came to you and said this was my first visit to the dietician as I’ve a big foodie and yet to keep my weight in control. My target is to wear a bikni one month post the diet. It worked.. I dropped 2.5kgs in the very first week and total of 6kgs before I hit the sandy beaches of Koh Sammi. I was not aware that this diet will helped me get rid of the fat, brought a glow to my face and yet kept my system in control all together off course working out helps me a lot to maintain my figure and Lovneet helped and pushed me to.

Divya Sachdeva

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